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I'd be lying through my teeth if I told you that there's a general, all encompassing college qualification that can get you set for all the admin jobs birmingham has to offer. A huge part of securing an administrative job in the future comes down to having a little perspective. Every business organisation or company requires the services of a manager somewhere along the line. Whether it's in human resources, finance, legal, construction or communications, there's always a manager somewhere in the mix. Rather than getting an undergraduate qualification with the sole purpose of landing a distinctive placement in mind, why not pursue whatever passion you have first, and then find a place to fit into afterwards.

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Bridging The Gaps

In years gone by, a job in administration was deemed a menial, bottom of the end job that didn't require no more than a stern but charming personality. Things have since changed. Today an administration department plays a pivotal role in keeping a business or organisation afloat. Administrators -or basically managers- see to it that operations are running smoothly and above board. They ensure that operational glitches are remedied speedily and at no loss. Overall, administrators are the backbone of any organisation or company.

Qualification Specific Placements

It's pretty straightforward! If you have a degree in human resources just submit your application. Once you're on the job you'll find yourself handling leave applications, harassment complaints, worker's evaluations, dismissals and a host of other tasks. That, my friend, is human resources administration. Take another example, like a degree in accounting. On the job auditing, reporting and keeping income and expenditure accounts are some of the every day tasks you'll be involved in, and that again, is administration. Getting to grips with this fact can increase your options, so just submit your CV.


Efficiency in business is the ability to use the available resources for maximum benefit. A job in admin almost inevitably demands that you possess the kind of organisational skills that easily translate to improved efficiency. Unless you're doing that, there's really no point in having you around. However, if you have a Masters in business administration (MBA) then your focus will be on the day to day management of the business in its entirety. As such, your job will entail introducing cost cutting measures, maintaining regular customer liaison, amongst other responsibilities. Ultimately your roles and duties will vary according to the size of the operation and the nature of the managerial position.

The Search

With the internet fast becoming the circle around which the world revolves, finding a job is really a matter of being at the right place at the right time. A good way to start is with employment agencies. These days companies and organisations are slowly doing away with the onerous task of hiring and recruitment, rather choosing to decentralise that duty by working with recruitment agencies. I personally prefer to work with probabilities, like the more CV's submitted, the greater the chances. Therefore work with as many agencies as possible. Even if they demand payment, it's usually a nominal fee.