Saying Good bye to the Lowermainland

Hello, welcome to “Happy Homemakers Homecare”. My name is Dawn Aitken and I am, a Happy Homemaker.

Eight years ago I cared for my father-in-law and I felt truly blessed to be in the position where I could not only provide him with a clean and comfortable home, but with a renewed sense of hope and connection to the world around him. They say that when you give of yourself, you get twice as much back, and that was truly the case for me. I loved my father-in-law, but in caring for him he gifted me with a real love for care.

When he passed in his 90th year, I went on to continue to pursue work in the homecare field. What I experienced was a system that was overwhelmed and impersonal. There was little time or opportunity to develop a personal relationship with the client. The “task based” system that exsisted, while meeting a client’s medical needs, did not leave time to meet their individual and emotional needs.

That’s why in 2011, I decided to start Happy Homemakers Homecare. Happy Homemakers Homecare is a “non-medical” service that is designed to provide support to overworked family caregivers, spouse’s challenged with the care of family members suffering with dementia, alzheimers, depression and disability. While we are not a nursing service, our goal has been “personal engagement” and relationship based care.

It has been a challenging five years, but it’s reward’s have been great and I am grateful to all our clients and those in the industry who have been so supportive during this journey. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to make lives of seniors and their families a little easier and brighten their days.

From the heart, Thank You and Be Happy

Dawn Aitken

President Happy Homemakers Homecare Inc.



Please see our list of services for our “Shared Care” program for seniors. We specialize in Respite Care.

We Offer Comprehensive Support

  • Homemaking and Caregiving services
  • Dementia and Alzheimers support
  • Live in and Live out services
  • Permanent Placement services
  • House Cleaning
  • Organizational services

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Image of a vehicle we use to offer home care in Vancouver BC

I have been using Happy Homemakers Homecare for a few months now and I just love it!

~ Lorraine Foster